Costa Vicentina


So this week I’m in Alentejo’s coast, also known as Costa Vicentina.

In Costa Vicentina its still possible to put your beach towel on the sand without having to ask permission to 100 different people around you like it happens in Algarve.

This coast its still in most of parts in a almost savage state, its even possible to find a beach where you will be alone (even in august).

Beside the beach you can also enjoy some water sports, great food (the so called petiscos alentejanos), some good fresh fish and wonderful shelfish, make sure you try the Carne de Porco ร  Alentejana (alentejana pork meat) and Migas ร  Alentejana (its something they do with entrecote and bread).

If you like Golf you can play in different places around the coast, also you can have a poker or black jack night in the newest casino in Portugal in Troia where you can also enjoy the great new marina. If you like to fish there are some really nice spots too in this coast to fish with your family or friends.
But always keep this in mind… further south you go better privacy you will get.

The people as usual around Portugal or can I even say Iberia, are nice and always almost in need of helping you.




I have this almost secret passion, dancing, love to do it but on top of all love to watch it !

Recently (even tho ive been listening to it for couple of years already) I’ve found Kizomba, an african rythm quite nice.

You can have a litle taste of it and how to do it in the movie with Albir Rojas and Sara Lopez who are currently the champions of the world in Kizomba dance.

The music from the movie its from Anselmo Ralph and you can hear it now..

Also posting the first kizomba mega hit

hope you enjoy it!

Weekend mood


Well it’s weekend, and I’m happy with that ๐Ÿ˜€ most people on holidays around here but I rather work during summer and have my holidays during winter (sure I do take couple days during summer too but love to travel during winter).

Made some internal changes and new goals in life during this week just hope I can accomplish them ๐Ÿ˜‰


Enjoy the weekendย  ๐Ÿ˜‰